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Hunting Bans Lead To Overflow Of Wildlife In Botswana

According to a recent report from The New York Times, a trophy hunting ban in Botswana has left the village of Sankuyo open to intrusions from wild an...

Number of Birth Injury Lawsuits Filed Rising Over Zofran Drug Use During Pregnancy

In recent years major research studies have linked the anti-nausea drug, Zofran, to congenital heart defects. Almost two million birth records from De...

Young Eczema Patient That ‘Begged to Die’ Gets Relief From Water Treatment

After years of painful, tortuous rashes, a young boy is finally getting relief after a new form of water therapy treatment cleared up his eczema, repo...

New Company Brings Healthcare to India’s Poor

We’ve seen the American healthcare system make leaps and bounds in recent years. Planned Parenthood does wonderful things for low-income familie...

Beautiful Homes, Vibrant Community Make Natchez, MS a Great Place to Retire

A small southern getaway overlooking the Mississippi River is gaining popularity throughout the state after a third-party study found that it is one o...

Drive Electric Week Shows How Electric Cars Have Carved a Place For Themselves

Hybrid cars may not seem quintessentially “cool,” but they sell themselves. All it takes is one conversation with a hybrid driver. At leas...