Wednesday, June 12

Online Platform Makes Buying, Selling Your Home a Breeze

Many first-time home buyers believe that buying a home should be easy. However, that isn’t always the case. But one company is launching their online platform to help make the process run a lot smoother.

According to the Spokesman-ReviewSean Black, the CEO of, is changing the home buying game. is an online platform that offers a different spin on real estate sales. The company hopes with the use of their platform, the cost will be cut and some of the real estate agents people are consistently using will not be used anymore. The company is geared toward people who are looking to sell their house to be able to afford the next one, which is a majority of the buying and selling market.

When someone is looking to sell their home, they plug all of their information in online and figure out what it’s worth. After they have the online estimate, an inspector will come out in person and confirm the price with the homeowner. After they’ve had their visit with the inspector, reimburses and relocates the homeowner. After that is done, the company fixes up the house if it needs it, puts it on the market, and settles up with the original owner after the location sells. Since the company makes all cash bids on the houses it’s buying, they’re often able to win bidding wars, which is crucial in tight real estate markets.

Usually, real estate agents are skeptical and unsure when they hear about for the first time. However, Black says his company tries to work with real estate agents and wants them to see how they can be successful together.

“We play really nicely with the traditional folks,” Black said. “We got a lot of agents, the first thing they do is throw their arms up in defense. But we’re going to show your houses and be really good buyers. It’s very symbiotic.”

Reports estimate about 25,000 Americans suffer from an ankle sprain each day. Don’t let buying or selling a house be as painful as an ankle sprain and try

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