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U.S. SQUASH Brings Tournament Back to Drexel University, Signs Deal for 10 More Years

The 2014 Delaware Investments U.S. Open Squash Championships, perhaps the most prestigious squash tournament in the United States, will take place at ...

New Secretary of Veterans Affairs Announces 90-Day Plan to Get Department Back in Order

After several months of internal turmoil and PR disasters, the Department of Veterans Affairs is looking to rebuild with a 90-day plan. USA Today repo...

Post-Its Plus App Lets You Digitize Your Sticky Notes

Although they may seem late to the game, Post-It brand notes has finally created a helpful note-taking app for mobile devices. However, it appears tha...

Fargo Welcomes Web Development Program for Women

The city of Fargo, North Dakota may be best known as the titular setting of one of the Coen Brother’s most famous films. However, thanks to a ne...

Humvee May Be Replaced By New Tactical Vehicle In Future

Oshkosh Defense Corporation, a division of vehicle manufacturer Oshkosh, is currently competing against Lockheed Martin and AM General for a $31 billi...