Sunday, June 16

Post-Its Plus App Lets You Digitize Your Sticky Notes

Although they may seem late to the game, Post-It brand notes has finally created a helpful note-taking app for mobile devices. However, it appears that for users, the wait may have been worth it; the new app, called Post-It Plus, blows its competitors out of the water with a futuristic ability to digitize real world Post-Its.

That’s right. With Post-Its Plus, you can upload that cluttered cloud of sticky notes on your desk to your smartphone.

Free for iOS users, the app essentially lets them take a picture of their Post-Its, creates digital copies of the notes, and then organize the notes on a digital corkboard.

Digitizing the notes is a pretty straightforward process. Users need to arrange their sticky notes so that none of them overlap, and then take the picture in decent lighting. Otherwise, the app won’t be able to distinguish and identify the individual Post-Its. As long as that relatively low bar is met, users should be good to go.

After the notes have been digitized, users can drag them around, rearrange them, and even export them to PDFs, to other note taking apps like Evernote, or even to the Microsoft Office Suite.

According to leading tech blog Gizmodo, the app is an attempt to make the flagship product more marketable to productivity-obsessed millennials.

“It’s about time they come out with an app. Whether it lives up to the same usefulness of real Post It notes is another matter,” explains Don Keller, Principal of Catalpha Marketing & Design. “Incorporating a level of functionality that makes an app successful is difficult, but they see the writing on the wall – all things have to go mobile – it’s where business is.”

The idea is pretty nifty, and the app itself is an innovative way to bring the ultimate analog tool for efficiency into the digital age. However, two things remain to be seen: whether digital Post-Its work just as well as their real world counterparts, and whether or not the app can compete with previously existing note taking apps.

Even if Post-Its Plus does turn out to be a day late and a dollar short, it’s still a wise move on the brand’s part to join the age of the Internet. As they say, better late than never.

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