Saturday, July 13

Youngstown State Constructions to Include Terrazzo

School is out for the summer at Ohio’s Youngstown State University. Now that students have gone home, it’s time for the construction workers to move in for a planned series of renovations and new constructions that will cost around $10 million.

“This is one of the most-aggressive construction seasons we’ve had in a long time,” Richard White, associate director of planning and construction at Youngstown State, told trustees at a committee meeting earlier this month.

According to a June 16 article in The Vindicator, the construction will include completion of the Veterans Resource Center on Wick Avenue, which will cost $1.25 million on its own; several roof renovations across campus; elevator upgrades and more.

“They aren’t big-dollar jobs, but they’re spread out,” John Hyden, executive director of facilities, told The Vindicator.

Among the planned building renovations is the $644,000 flooring renovation in Beeghly Center, which will see the building’s old tile replaced with terrazzo flooring tiles.

Originally, Beeghly Center had floors made from a cement overlay that had been installed over the ceramic tile, Hyden said. The floor quickly deteriorated and chipped, and the company that installed the floor went bankrupt, The Vindicator reported.

The building will receive a terrazzo floor, which is made of marble chips set in cement and is known for its durability and resistance to high traffic.

When properly maintained, terrazzo’s lifespan can be as long as 75 years. With its new terrazzo floor in place, Beeghly Center’s floor won’t need renovation or replacement for decades to come.

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