Sunday, June 23

Pro-Russia separatists seize Ukraine police building as Kiev’s latest ultimatum passes quietly

The pro Russian separatists have turned their deaf ear to the warnings of government. The media reports claims that the ethnically motivated people have controlled another police building in the city of Horlivka. It is said that thousands of separatists marched towards the police building and smashed all window mirrors with stones and iron rods.

The seizure of the governmental building is speedily engulfing in the Horlivka. The separatist demanded from central government that “We want to get more autonomy and closer ties with Russia”.  Actually, the situation in the eastern part of the Ukraine is very shaky. People think that the Western backed government would oppress them and will not give them any legitimate right, however, they are demanding for annexation with Russia or referendum on full autonomy.

On the other hand, Samantha Power the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine said that “The raise of Russian flags clearly paint the picture that who is behind the crisis”. Western officials and Kiev authorities have blamed Moscow for engulfing the protest.

It goes without saying Interfax news agency reported that “acting President Oleksandr Turchynov has promised in his latest press briefing that the nation-wide referendum would be held along with Presidential elections on 25th of May”.

Apart from this, the acting president had also passed a decree that whosoever wishes to leave governmental buildings and disarm himself, would not be prosecuted. Though, the time frame of the warnings has been passed yet the pro-Russian separatists have not left the buildings. Local media reported that no action has been taken against the people and authorities are trying their best to resolve the issue in peaceful manner.

Last but not the least, the acting president of Ukraine has said that a large scale anti-terrorism operation would be launched against those people who are challenging the rid of the state.

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