Friday, June 21

Police Discover Seven Dead Babies in Utah Woman’s Garage

It was a gruesome situation when police discovered the dead bodies of 7 infant babies from a woman’s garage in Utah. It is said that the investigation began when a person reported to police that he had found a dead body of an infant child during the time of cleaning his garage. The person said in his report that he was living in that house with a 39 years old wife Megan Huntsman and she was living with him till 2011.

Upon hearing this report, police sought a search warrant of Huntsman’s house and happened to recover 6 more dead bodies packed in the cardboard boxes. Police said that Megan Huntsman was the prime suspect of our investigation. We have arrested her and there are chances of premeditated murder charges.

Furthermore, investigators told to media that Huntsman had given birth to seven children during time between 1996 and 2006. They said that her husband had raised 3 daughters with her and had no knowledge of her intimacy.

Last but not the least, a neighbor told to a private news agency that “though I had seen Huntsman had gained some weight yet I did not recognize she was pregnant”.

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