Wednesday, June 19

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Co-pilot’s cell phone was on, U.S. official says

After thorough investigations and searches, it has been noticed that the cell phone of first officer was on at the time when Flight 370 disappeared from the radar. A senior U.S official claims that “the cell phone of the First Officer was making contact with a cellular tower of Penang but there is no evidence that Fariq Abdul Hamid- First Officer- attempted to make a telephone call.”

He further disclosed on a private TV channel that “When the Flight disappeared from the radar; the cell of Fariq Abdul Hamid was repeatedly attempting to get service from near towers”. On the other hand, the printed media of Malaysia claims that “The First Officer was trying to make contact at the time when the plane changed its route towards Indian Ocean”.

Upon hearing this news, Hishammuddin Hussein the Transport minister of Malaysia said to private news channel that “As for my information, his cell phone was trying to ping signals but, at this stage, I cannot predict anything”. Besides, David Soucie the famous safety analyst opined that “No one is allowed to use cell phone in the cockpit and it is for first time that someone was trying to make calls from the flight”.

Apart from this, authorities said that “when the plane went missing, we checked millions of call records but we found nothing”. One month has been lapsed but so far no clue- of the missing jet- has been found.

On the contrary, the Australian authorities -assessing the operation- said that “we sent Bluefin-21 autonomous vehicle in the underwater and found nothing in the 6 hours operation”.  The Australian Officials said that the pointed area of the possible wreckage is quite big and it would take almost 2 months to scan the entire area.

Lastly, Angus Houston the Australian chief search coordinator said in his latest press briefing that “Six days have been lapsed and we have not had a single detection. Hence, it is time to launch underwater search operation”.

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