Wednesday, June 12

Pixar Makes its Animation Software Available for Free

If you’ve always wanted to play around with the same animation software that created some of the world’s most beloved animated films, this is your lucky day.

3D computer animation studio Pixar has made available a version of its state-of-the-art RenderMan visual effects software to the public for free.

Aspiring computer animators can now use the tools that created films like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. to create their own masterpieces at no cost. It originally cost $500 to purchase and use RenderMan, according to

There are a few rules for acquiring RenderMan, the studio’s in-house version of 3D rendering software, according to the Huffington Post: for example, you can only use the software for free only if it’s for non-commercial purposes.

Pixar explained its reasoning cutting the price for RenderMan in a statement on its website:

“It is Pixar’s belief that limitations on software access have become a brake on the development of the production industry, and that universal access and a set of common standards and practices can only stimulate greater growth and development.”

“It sounds like it would be great for students to learn from, and develop skills,” says Mark Sparacio, Professor at Digital Marketing Arts College. “Resources like this will hopefully open up exciting career opportunities for animation students.”

RenderMan is an industry-caliber software application that is capable of rendering entire feature films, according to Now that it’s free to the public, people will be able to toy around with their own animations and bring their dreams to a reality.

According to Time Magazine, Pixar is one of the most recognized and beloved animation studios in the world. All of Pixar’s feature films placed in the 50 highest-grossing animated films of all time, with some even making the general 50 highest-grossing films of all time. Pixar films have won 27 Oscars, 7 Golden Globes and 11 Grammys along with a number of other awards and honors.

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