Wednesday, June 12

After Five Years, Greece Legalizes Street Views on Google Maps

Google Maps can now legally show street views of GreeceSan Jose Mercury News reports. For five years, the Greek government denied Google rights to post up-close photographs online. Culture Minister Panos Panagiotopoulos recently overruled that ban, hoping the map application and service will help revive tourism in the country.

“We have so much to show off. This is a godsend,” Panagiotopoulos said. “Everyone knows how difficult things are, with all the obstacles that are there when dealing with the Greek state. We are trying to overcome these difficulties.” Panagiotopoulos adds that the country’s landscape resembles an “endless archaeological park,” according to San Jose Mercury News.

The leading internet company is ready to launch the pictures as soon as they are able. “Google was allowed to gather photos for Street View while waiting for formal approval to start the service in Greece, the 56th country where it is now available,” The Vancouver Sun continues. During privacy and security negotiations, Google confirmed that it will blur any license plate numbers as well as people’s faces. Google also recently announced new, 3D, 360 degree views available in Brazil, just in time for the World Cup.

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