Wednesday, June 12

Obamas Could Move to NYC in 2017 — and Snub the Windy City

Where a President chooses to move with his family after his term is over is usually a subject of interest and leaves at least a few cities vying to be the new home of the recent former first family. Most people assumed that after the White House and Washington, the Obama family would return to Chicago — but sources say that they may be considering a move to New York City.

According to gossip-columnist for the Chicago-Sun Times Michael Sneed, people close to the family have said that the Obama’s definitely want to be in New York City after the President’s term is over in 2017.

Many people (40%) never move from the place they’re born and many prefer to return to places they’ve lived before when relocating. Otherwise, 44% of people say that they choose a new place because of a job opportunity, according to a Pew survey.

So if the Obama’s aren’t necessarily planning to return to Chicago, what’s the draw of the Big Apple?

According to Buzzfeed News, Columbia University, Barack Obama’s alma mater, has put in a bid for the Obama library, which could sway their decision. Messy politics in Chicago could also play a role in which city they ultimately choose.

Population shifts into cities have slowed — between 2005 and 2010, 11 million people moved into principle cities, while 15.4 million moved out.

Though the rumors have sparked a media frenzy, the Obamas aren’t hiring professional movers just yet. They’ll be in Washington until at least 2017 and by that point they will still have a daughter in high school for two more years.

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