Sunday, June 16

Jared Leto Took a Helicopter to the Movie Awards

Is he going to accept his award from Helicopter?

On 12th of April, Jared Leto arrived at MTV Movie Awards by a Helicopter. When he was hovering over the place of awards ceremony, everyone was unclear that who was coming. Ambiguities happened to be clear when he turned his face out of the cockpit.

Actually, he went Coachella to attend some musical shows where he did not perform as a lead singer of Thirty Seconds to Mars band. On the other hand, a private news agency reported that “Leto did not want to miss the Movie awards; however, he took a helicopter and traveled from the desert to the big show”.

In spite of having no performance at Coachella, Jared got a helicopter to reach at the Movie Awards on time.  Basically, he was coming to see the performance of famous band Arcade Fire. His style of arrival was incredibly wow and he wrote on instagram that “I love Conan dearly”.

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