Thursday, May 30

Deadly Virus’s Spread Raises Alarms in Mideast

On Sunday, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia confirmed that there was outbreak of deadly virus in the country. The authorities said that this virus has been in kingdom since the last two weeks and we are trying our best to control the spread of virus.

On the other hand, United Arab Emirates said that in the last few days, six cases of MERS(Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) have been confirmed. The authorities of UAE confirmed that 1 patient has been died and condition of other patients is very serious. Doctors said that the most affected class from this virus was the medical workers.

Besides, a doctor at King Fahd General Hospital said to media that “I do not know how the authorities are seeing to this outbreak”.  She further said that after the death of one patient the situation has turned out to be more vulnerable and I really wish to shut the whole hospital down.

Apart from this, an Australian epidemiologist Dr. Ian M. Mackay said that the number of cases has grown in the last week and it was supposed to be the biggest number since the outbreak began. He opined said that more than 50 percent patients are health workers and MERS-CoV does spread easily from one person to another.

It goes without saying, World health organization has claimed in its recent report on this virus that more than 228 cases have been reported and 92 of them were really fatal. Saudi Arabia and other Arab Gulf countries have assured that adequate measures are being taken to control the virus and we are trying our best to save the lives of people.

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