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How To Make Money In A Pinch

Nearly everyone in our society faces financial hardship at some point in their journey. Some get into trouble with money much sooner than others, but it is a common human experience that most people will have to overcome at some point in their lives. Given this, it should come as no shock that people want to know what they can do to generate some quick cash in a hurry. They might be trying to avoid something like chapter 11 bankruptcy, or they may simply want to splurge and enjoy a nice trip out to a seafood restaurant. Whatever the case may be, it is important to know how to get the cash put together that they need to reach their goals.

Selling Items

Those that have assets to sell can turn to this as their first course of action to raise the funds they need to pay for whatever services they may require. It is a popular thing to sell jewelry to local pawn shops to receive some instant cash as quickly as today. Most of the time, the pawn shop will make a deal with you where they don’t have to actually keep the jewelry that you bring in. You can choose to ‘pawn’ it. This is a form of a loan from the pawn shop with the jewelry (or other items) that you bring in acting as collateral. If you fail to pay back your loan to the pawn shop, then they keep the jewelry that you brought in.

Imagine that you are staring down the barrel of needing a bankruptcy lawyer to help you file chapter 7 bankruptcy. You know that this will ruin your credit and make it extremely difficult for you to obtain a loan for any financial service that you may require in the future. Does this sound like the ideal future to you? The answer is probably not. You would much rather sell gold that you have lying around in your jewelry cabinet than try to go through the process of hiring a lawyer to help you do something that will clear your debts but also put you way behind as far as credit scores are concerned.

Another option you can look at are used car dealerships. If you are truthfully at the end of your rope and in need of some money to stave off bankruptcy, then wouldn’t it be an ideal thing to go to a used car dealership and sell off your vehicle instead? This could put you on track to actually reach your goal of paying off the debts that you owe instead of going into bankruptcy. Yes, it might leave you without a car temporarily, but perhaps you can arrange something with friends to get rides to where you need to go until you can save up enough again to purchase another vehicle. It is an option that you shouldn’t take off the table right away.

Selling Blood/Plasma

There are few parts of the body that are legal to sell, but you are welcome to sell your blood or plasma to raise some quick cash. Blood banks need to get blood to help those involved in emergency situations all the time. It is useful to them to have a wide variety of people give up their blood to help increase the stockpiles and make sure they have all of the various types of blood available for all the different types of patients.

Many people choose to sell their blood or plasma to receive some quick cash instantly. They can only do so a few times per week, but it can be a useful way for them to get the money that they require immediately to pay off a bill or take some other required action to get back on a level footing once again. Remember, sometimes the bills come a lot faster than the paychecks do. It can be helpful to have multiple avenues to generate money as needed when the time comes.

Offer A Service Online

There are plenty of people in need of plenty of different types of services online that are willing to pay right away. Perhaps you have a skill as a translator, educator, artist, writer, musician, or any number of other in-demand talents that might be of use to someone online. You can search job boards to see what specific services people are in need of and how you might be of assistance to them in that mission. Keep in mind, you can always perform these tasks for someone while also maintaining a day job of some kind. You can look to online services as your side gig of sorts that helps you generate extra cash as necessary, but may not be your primary source of income. It is totally justifiable to have your foot in multiple camps in this way.

This is a great way to raise cash to pay for something like veterinary services that you might need for your pet. People are often shocked to learn just how much money it costs to keep their beloved pet happy and healthy. As easy as it is to pick out your favorite pet and love them, it is certainly not without monetary costs. You should remember this when you go to get the pet in the first place. That said, you can use your extra side gig work here to raise the necessary funds to take care of them the way that they need to be cared for.

Become A Delivery Driver

There is no shortage of delivery drivers, and the way that they make their money is simple to do as long as you are in possession of a smartphone and a vehicle. You simply drive around picking up food for customers who have placed their orders. You then deliver the food to those hungry customers, and you collect a small amount of money for each order. Estimates range wildly as to how much a person can reasonably expect to make from performing a task like this, but it seems profitable enough that thousands of people have given it a shot. It might be enough to cover an orthodontics bill once you put the time and energy into making it happen.

What is known about this type of work is that it is a great way to raise cash fast. The exact amount that you make might be a question mark, but the ability to get paid quickly is not. Most of the services offer weekly pay with the option to cash out on-demand for a small fee. This is part of what has become so attractive about these services to so many people. They like that they have access to their money right when they need it without question. On top of all of this, becoming a delivery driver can be a fun way to get out into the world and even to meet new types of people. Many have stated that they have seen new parts of their own cities that they have never traveled to before simply because they got out more in their vehicles to deliver these food items than they ever would have if it had not been for the delivery services.

Offer Pet Walking/Washing/Sitting Services

Many people have pets that have needs that they are not always able to attend to all the time. They have to go to work themselves, and it can be a challenge to get the dog or cat taken care of in the way that it needs. That is where the industrious humans come in and offer to do this work for a fee themselves. Humans in need of quick cash will often agree to take care of animals for payment upfront. They can walk dogs, feed animals, wash animals, or even just sit with them and make sure they do not destroy anything in the home.

This is another job that can have a wide variety of potential earnings attached to it. Generally, this comes down to what the owner of the animal and the person looking for a gig come up with amongst themselves, but the allure of this type of work is the fact that the money is generally paid in cash and is available instantly. People in need of raising quick capital are always looking for opportunities like this, and the money from enough pet sitting jobs could literally help stave off a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Barter With Neighbors

Sometimes it is easier to sell or barter with neighbors for some quick cash than it is to work with the pawn shops. Pawn shops have limited hours and may only have a limited interest in any goods that you have to bring to them. Why not consider selling or trading items with your neighbors instead? This might manifest itself in the form of a yard sale, or you might literally get on the phone with your neighbors and see if they are interested in any of the material goods that you own. They might be willing to trade with you or even buy some of your items from you directly for cash today. You can pocket that cash instantly and use it to pay towards whatever bills might be breathing down your neck at this time.

You should check into local laws regarding having a yard sale. Generally, law enforcement has more important things to worry about than breaking up yard sales, but they may not technically be legal in some areas without a permit. You should look into that before you set up shop in your front yard. That said, most of the time officials are going to look the other way when it comes to an activity as common as this.

Borrow From Family

Borrowing from family is a last resort kind of option for most people. For one thing, many people do not have families that can afford to lend them any money in the first place, so this could be a non-starter right off the bat. Secondly, borrowing from family can create a wedge between family members that simply did not exist before. That said, it is also a better option than going into bankruptcy because you don’t have the funds required right now to make the payments you need to stay afloat. Borrowing from family means that you are paying zero interest on the money you borrow. Borrowing from credit cards and other lending avenues means that you are paying huge amounts of interest with payments that must be made immediately.

If you have family that cares deeply about you and can provide you with the funds necessary to keep you afloat for the time being, then by all means move forward with this option. However, those who are not so lucky on this front might want to consider alternatives to borrowing from family. IT is one of those catch-22 situations that none of us want to find ourselves in. You should try to avoid asking too often as well since a family member may run out of patience with you if you continue to draw down money from them for yourself.

Negotiate With Creditors

This is not directly a way to generate cash, but it might help you avoid drowning in your debt regardless. You can and should consider negotiating with your creditors. You might find that they are more willing to work with you than you believe. They want to get paid something, and that might mean that they bite the bullet and accept a lower payment from you for right now just so they are able to recoup something for the money that they put into you.

You need to be honest but firm with creditors and help them understand the predicament that you are in. They might be willing to work with you to allow you to pay back far less than what you originally owed. It is not ideal to be in this situation often, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do to make things work.

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