Monday, July 15

Basics of Environmental Cleaning

In this video, you will learn about terminal cleaning. AORN nurses are going to be the main people who work in these areas. Operating rooms and labor delivery units are going to be examples of environments that need to be cleaned thoroughly. Dust and debris may harbor invisible germ contaminants.

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Staff must know how to clean this area and to keep them safe. A multidisciplinary team is going to have to work together to keep these spaces safe. The multidisciplinary team is going to oversee these processes. They develop guidelines for the use of materials. The team also prepares for operations. These people need specialized training. They need to demonstrate understanding before they are assigned to work on their own. There also might be wardrobe requirements for PPE. The entrance into a restricted area needs to be clearly marked. Clean and scrubbed attire is preferred. Disposable shoe covers and beard covers are also important. All cloth head covers must be used to contain all hair. These restricted areas require a facemask. All staff must discard the disposable material. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for more information.

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