Saturday, June 15

Golden Globe Carpet Cleaner Caught Trying to Sell $250,000 Lost Diamond Ring

Earlier this year, jewelry-maker Lorraine Schwartz — also known as the “jeweler to the stars” — was more than a little upset after her $250,000 ring went missing at the Golden Globes.

Schwartz had been wearing the ring, which sported a 10.62 carat yellow diamond, and said that it was possible the ring had either been stolen off her finger or had dropped off during the ceremony. Schwartz has designed engagement rings for well-known celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Blake Lively and Beyonce.

As it turned out, the ring had not originally been stolen. Instead, it ended up on the red carpet, where carpet cleaner Henry Bernal found it later that night. Bernal and his girlfriend, Christina Gonzales, decided to take the ring to Kevin Jewelers. The store made an offer, at which point Bernal and Gonzales made a greedy mistake: they decided to get it certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

A certification can increase a stone’s value. However, the GIA contacted authorities once they received the gem, because it already had a certification number — indicating that it was stolen. Bernal now claims that he didn’t turn the ring in because he didn’t trust law enforcement to return it. The ring has been returned, but the case is still under investigation.

The best carpet cleaners available will not steal your diamond rings. Instances of theft are not unheard of, though, which is why you should always hire a trusted company with a strong reputation, and a history of doing employee background checks, for cleaning your home or business.

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