Wednesday, June 19

A Look Forward at What’s Next for Dental Technology

Your next trip to the dentist could feature some of today’s latest gadgets and technologies hitting the dental industry.

A July 10 describes just some of these innovations that are cropping up in dental practices across America as these new technologies become more popular.

“What I found more impressive was how that technology was integrated into the practice, not bolted on to show that this office ‘gets’ it, or introduced in an effort to modernize that creates friction, not efficiency,” the writer of the TechRepublic article stated.

Some of the new dental technologies described in the article included an iPad at reception for filling out new patient information, digital X-rays and radiography, intraoral digital cameras and more.

Devices like the iPad have been proven to improve efficiency in dental reception offices, according to the TechRepublic article, helping reduce patient wait times.

Digital radiography, when compared to traditional X-rays, use an amazing 90% less radiation, a major advantage for patient health. Digital X-ray images also appear instantly on a dental hygienist’s screen, and can be stored in the dentist’s data servers.

As more dental practices around the country realize the benefits of updating to modern dental technologies, it might not be long before you see any of these things at your next dental appointment.

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