Saturday, June 15

Weather Conditions in Western U.S. Cause Concern For Homeowners

A news headline may invoke some skepticism when it names both “flooding and fires” as problems which are wreaking havoc in the same region, at the same time. Nevertheless, this phrase was used recently in a headline by ABC News to describe the environmental conditions in the western half of the U.S. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to figure out which concern is the most problematic. And even more frustrating is the fact that both weather conditions have the ability to cause incredible damage to property, while homeowners are left with little to show.

Extreme forest fires and flooding are nearly impossible to stop — and in some cases, impossible to prevent — and professional emergency responders are given the task of attempting to control them. These are often the situations that appear on national news. However, they appear more often than we realize, albeit on a smaller scale, but with serious consequences nevertheless.

Hard rainstorms and flooding can cause serious damage to home infrastructure, including causing roofs to collapse and internal structural failure to occur. Any home with water damage is likely to have mold growth unless it is immediately treated, and extended exposure to mold can cause serious health issues in both humans and pets. Water damage in a basement can be even more difficult to detect and solve simply because it is an area naturally prone to being damp and dark. Individuals who use basements — whether for living purposes or for storage purposes — can suffer respiratory illnesses and allergic reactions from exposure to toxic mold.

At this point in history, humans still cannot control the weather, and we cannot all live in regions that are without environmental risks. But there are ways to protect homes and residents from environmental disasters. Some residents, such as Texan residents referenced in one local news source, try to control water damage by placing sand bags around their homes. Other homeowners choose to outsource the task to a professional home repair service, which often focus on waterproofing the entire basement area for each house.

“When a large storm is coming, you want to make sure that your gutters are cleared of debris, and make sure that your gutter downspouts are directed away from your home,” says Ken Fraine, President of Drainge & Erosion. “A positive grade away from your home to redirect water away from you is also very important to keep surface water from infiltrating your basement walls. Hydro static pressure builds when surface water directs towards your basement walls which can infiltrate basement foundations and damage home foundation walls,” Ken continues. “For those who have finished basements, this water infiltration can lead to mold growth and long term basement damage.”

Although homeowners cannot control weather conditions, it is possible to protect homes against extreme weather conditions like the storms currently running rampant through the Western regions of the country. Preventative measures, such as basement waterproofing, can protect both property and residents from unpredictable harm.

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