Saturday, July 13

Can the government seize your tax refund to pay a relative’s debt?

Mary Grice a career employ of food and Drug Administration said that she was notified by U.S Treasury about the confiscation of her state and federal tax refunds amounting $4,500. She said that the government had taken the money without intimating the problem to her.

She questioned to government that how her money could be confiscated without her notice? She said in an interview to a private news channel that “To be honest, I was ticked off”. Actually, the claims came from the Social Security department which said that Mary’s family had been overpaid since the death of her father.

Apart from this, Robert Vogel the attorney of Grice filed a suit against the government. He said that “the government should stop confiscating the 30 years old debts from the people”. He further opined that there was no way to keep the records for such a big time.

Besides, Officials of Social Security department released a statement and said that we have found 400,000 taxpayers with a long history of debt and we have notified every debtor prior to collection. On the other hand, Grice said that “I was not notified and I think it was ploy”.

After the publication of her report in the Washington Post, Two Senators Barbara Mikulski and Barbara Boxer contacted social security department about the matter and said that the officials should stop collecting the decades old debt from the people.

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