Saturday, July 13

Breast Implants Can Restore a Woman’s Body and Happiness

Getting cosmetic surgery is a big decision, but Americans are happy to pay the price. They spent over 10 billion dollars on plastic surgery in 2011, but what they get in return probably can’t be measured in dollar amounts.

In our image obsessed world, we’re becoming more and more aware of our appearance and how others may view us (think selfie culture). Much of what other people think of us — and what we think of ourselves — is based on what we look like, and it often isn’t exactly what we want.

The reasons to get breast implants vary, but it’s certainly a popular choice. Since 2000, the number of American women who choose to get breast augmentation surgery has increased 45%, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. In the U.S., of all plastic surgeries breast augmentation surgery is the most popular, and it’s for good reasons.

Getting breast implants can improve the way we feel about ourselves and the way we feel about how other see us, but there are other important reasons to get breast implants. For example, women who decided to get breast implants reported being 34% more satisfied with their sex lives, according to a recent poll.

Otherwise, as Daily Mail reports, Amy Robach, a Good Morning America host, is home and recovering after recently having breast augmentation surgery. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in October, had a double mastectomy a month later, and completed chemotherapy treatments. She then elected to get breast implant surgery.

One of the reasons to get breast implants is to reconstruct not only a woman’s body, but her self image. Breast implants can be restorative in more ways than one and can offer a woman the body she wants and deserves.

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