Monday, July 15

Scheduled Woodland Hills Academy Renovations to Include Terrazzo Flooring

The Pittsburgh-area Woodland Hills Academy will be receiving extensive renovations over the 2014-15 school year, according to a May 26 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article.

The renovation work, to cost around $15 million total, will require the school’s more than 500 students and teachers to relocate for at least one academic year to the Word of God School in nearby Swissvale, the article states. The renovations will use about 80% of remaining funds left from a bond that the Woodland Hills School District took out in 2005.

The Woodland Hills Academy Building, approximately a century old, is expected to receive a number of updates and upgrades during the renovation. Some of the district’s planned changes include increasing lighting panels throughout the building, an elevator and lowered water fountains to make Woodland Hills Academy compliant with federal disability law, new staging equipment in the auditorium, bathrooms in kindergarten classrooms and installing new ceiling tiles and terrazzo floors, the Post-Gazette reported.

After renovations are completed, as many as 100 to 150 more students will be able to attend school at Woodland Hills Academy than before, according to the Post-Gazette.

According to assistant superintendent Gerald Chessman, the building, which was reopened to house the Woodland Hills Academy in 2009 after years of abandonment, has long been in need of “serious cosmetic and internal repair.”

“Even the steps leading up to the school’s main entrance are crumbling,” Chessman told the Post-Gazette.

The renovation project is expected to break ground in August, with completion anticipated for January 2016, Chessman said to the Post-Gazette.

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