Monday, July 15

Advice on Independent Living for Seniors

There is a sizeable population of senior adults who live alone, and there are a number of vulnerabilities they are exposed to as a result. These adults are sometimes called “solo seniors” or “elder orphans.” While independent living can be challenging for seniors, some laws and resources provide valuable protection.

Many seniors struggle to manage their finances, especially if they’re struggling with debt. Thankfully, Section 207 of the Social Security Act prevents Social Security benefits from being garnished by debt collectors.

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Other forms of senior income, such as Veteran’s Benefits and disability income, are also protected.

In addition, many seniors are considered to be judgment-proof. This means that a creditor with a judgment against them can’t claim their property. Seniors can even send debt collectors cease and desist letters requesting that they stop all forms of contact.

Since many seniors live on a fixed income, dealing with debt can help seniors cover their living expenses. Other steps, like reducing housing causes, can make living expenses easier to manage.

Legal professionals and organizations that assist seniors burdened by debt and educate seniors on how to protect their rights are beyond beneficial for seniors living independently. To learn more advice and discover additional tips for senior living independently, click the video we have linked above

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