Saturday, June 15

Racial Bias What Is It?

Recent research has shown that no single individual has a single race. More often than not, it is typically a combination of multiple races. And as such, racial bias is more of a preference for one race as opposed to the other, typically influenced by society and what has been labeled normal. It is, however, important you know that sometimes, racial bias can be unconscious wiring, as hinted in this video.

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This means that while you may have a racial bias, you may be unaware of it.

A very effective way to find out if you have racial bias is to test yourself. The attached video summarily depicts a racial bias test and the experiences of individuals who took the test. A racial bias test is helpful, particularly in cases where some hidden bias exists that you may not be aware of. A racial bias test will test the foundations of stereotypes, prejudice against people from different backgrounds, and discrimination.

The chances of us having a racial bias is very high as this is incited mostly by social interference and unconscious wiring. If possible, carry out a racial bias test so you are certain of where exactly on the spectrum you stand.


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