Saturday, June 15

Should You Choose a Hastens Mattress?

There are many reasons you may have heard of a Hastens mattress. This luxury mattress hails from Sweden and truly stands out from the competition. GoodBed’s review can help you discover if a Hastens mattress is the right fit for you.

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Mattress Materials

Hastens has been making mattresses for over 150 years, bringing a longtime focus on natural materials. While methods have changed with modern times, this company still focuses on natural fibers like wool, cotton, and horsehair over weight-cushioning springs. Natural fibers help avoid many of the toxic chemicals that are in more modern brands, but can have some effects on those who suffer from allergies.

Durability and Comfort

Hastens mattresses are known for providing comfort while sleeping, as purchasers can choose between a mattress that is Extra Firm, Firm Medium, or Soft- all with sleep-inducing cushioning. This mattress brand is known for combining this comfort with durability due to the strength of these natural materials and care in each creation, such as hand stitching. Learn more about Hastens mattresses with this video review.


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