Thursday, June 13

Young Eczema Patient That ‘Begged to Die’ Gets Relief From Water Treatment

two male palms with eczema isolated on white backgroundAfter years of painful, tortuous rashes, a young boy is finally getting relief after a new form of water therapy treatment cleared up his eczema, reports The Sun.

Morgan Bishop has suffered from chronic eczema since he was just four months old. According to Morgan’s parents, the skin on his feet and legs was so raw and painful that it rendered him unable to walk. In addition to the skin condition, Morgan also has severe food allergies and asthma and suffers from a life-threatening kidney disease known as nephrotic syndrome.

Eczema is a common skin disease that is most often found in young children. A substantial portion of the U.S. population show symptoms of atopy, such as eczema, asthma, or hayfever. Of the 17.8 million who have moderate to severe eczema, those who suffer from the condition often must use topical steroids to reduce the symptoms.

Because of his issues, Morgan was only able to attend school for half days due to the need for constant treatment. The care needed to treat Morgan’s issues forced his mother, Dana Bishop, quit her job as a family support worker to take care of Morgan and their other son, Jenson. Morgan’s father, Paul, fit his personal training schedule around Dana’s schedule, to make sure Dana got adequate sleep.

The pain from the rashes was so unbearable that Morgan begged his parents to “please let me die,” on his fifth birthday.

”We had people say we must have exaggerated his words,” said Dana. “But sorry no, it was the truth – he really did beg to die and not just once, several times. He would cry out in agony and ask us to stop the pain of his eczema. It absolutely broke our hearts.”

But no matter what, none of the treatments seemed to work. Frustrated and upset, the Bishops turned to crowdfunding website Go Fund Me in order to send their son to a world-renowned hydrotherapy skin center in Avene, France.

It wasn’t long before the spa contacted the Bishops with some good news: they were willing to make Morgan a priority over the 18 months waiting period and offered to cover the expenses of the first three-week treatment. The family quickly took the offer and flew to France.

Over the next three weeks, Morgan underwent a 20-minute hydrotherapy bath twice a day, drank special water, and underwent special skin compresses. This process involved placing mineral water-soaked cotton gauze over his legs, feet, and hands. By the end of his treatment, Morgan saw a 22% improvement in his skin condition.

”Since we got back Morgan’s cheeky smile has definitely come back and there is a real life in his eyes now,” said Dana.

Morgan will return to the clinic in March 2016, and then once again in August. Depending on his progress, Morgan may need to only visit the clinic annually to keep the symptoms of his eczema down. The family says that since the treatment, Morgan is now getting four to five hours of sleep and isn’t itching at much.

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