Wednesday, June 12

Workplace Accidents Decrease Overseas

The number of work-related injury cases in 2014’s first quarter are on a down-slide in both China and Malaysia. According to China’s State Administration of Work Safety, the amount of workplace accidents are down by 38.9% compared to last year. In Malaysia, work-related injuries have declined from 63,423 cases in 2002 to 33,060 occurring cases last year, which is a difference of more than 50% over the decade long period.

A total of 153 people suffered fatal work-related accidents during China’s first quarter, which is a 42.9% decrease from last year’s first quarter. What’s more, the death toll from accidents in coal mines between January and March decreased by 37.9% in comparison with last year’s first quarter.

According to China’s administration, a serious workplace accident are incidents where a minimum of 10 people die. Last year, there were 49 such serious accidents, and 314 people were thusly prosecuted for having violated safety laws in regards to the workplace.

“It is impossible to get zero accident in the workplace and, as such, we focus on reducing the accident rate by inculcating the safety aspect as important in our daily life and needed to taken seriously by every employer, workers and the public,” said Tan Sri Lee Lam, the Malaysian National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) chairman.

Lam also said that NIOSH would continue to carry out its responsibilities to increase the health status and safety of Malaysian workers through the development of new training programs’ curriculum.

Accidents involving people traveling to and from work had decreased from 2012’s total of 26,262 to 25,439. There were several factors to blame, which need accounting for, said Lam. Such problematic challenges include speeding, compliance with traffic laws, and vehicle inspections.

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