Thursday, June 13

Hunger Games Star Jennifer Lawrence Spotted With Long-Time Boyfriend and A Ring on Her Finger

The paparazzi photographed Jennifer Lawrence wearing a ring on her left hand while on an outing with long-time beau Nicholas Hoult. The placement of the ring left many asking, is the Oscar-winning, Hunger Games actress engaged?

“The Hunger Games actress had a turquoise, heart-shaped ring shining on her engagement finger, causing rumors to erupt that she was engaged,” Hollywood Life reported on April 26. “Despite it not being a diamond, Jennifer chose to wear it on that special finger, and we wouldn’t be at all surprised if Nicholas chose a unique engagement ring like this one for the quirky star.”

“There are more non-traditional engagement rings coming around,” explains Brin Zink, Bridal and Diamond Jewelry Buyer at Smyth Jewelers. “While the majority of our customers are still traditional, we are seeing more people come in looking for something unique.”

One of Lawrence’s close friends tells sources we will not be hearing wedding bells… yet. “She is not engaged, that is not an engagement ring. It’s just a ring that she loves that happens to only fit on that finger,” Lawrence’s friend said.

Lawrence and Hoult have been dating for nearly three years. They met on the set of X-Men: First Class in 2011, playing characters Mystique and Beast (who coincidentally had some short-lived, romantic tension on screen!). The couple has been dating ever since, aside from a short split in early 2012.

Lawrence and Hoult were spotted eating and laughing together over dinner in London on April 24. The rumors may have been partially fueled by their getaway car. The couple left a bar through the side door, choosing “a pink taxi cab… adorned with a picture of newlyweds holding hands in paradise” to elude the paparazzi.

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