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Wisconsin Chiropractic Clinic Reports Security Breach

If you have been dealing with long-term severe spinal pain of the neck and back, you have likely looked into chiropractic treatment options that are available. Making the choice to get help for your pain is an important step and can help you find the care and treatment options that are best for your individual situation and unique needs. An experienced professional chiropractor can provide the best treatment for lower back muscle pain and offer you ideas on what the best way to cure back pain might be for your specific situation. Chiropractors focus on finding the best way to heal lower back injury and to reduce pain without invasive surgery or harmful medications and drugs. They are committed to helping all of their patients discover the best way to recover from lower back pain safely and naturally. So, if you are tired of popping pills and are tired of living your life in pain, then contact your local spinal care expert today. See for yourself the difference local professional chiropractic care can make!

Regular prenatal chiropractic care visits should be a priority for every pregnant woman. Working with professionals with chiropractic knowledge promotes a healthy pregnancy period and the well-being of the child.

Various chiropractic treatment means facilitates the full capacity operation of the mother’s body. The care ensures the pregnant woman’s body is in the proper condition, especially with systems coordinating the pregnancy like the ovaries and uterus.

Any interruption to the woman’s reproductive system may have a significant impact on the fetus that is developing as well as the mother. An examination of the woman’s spinal column eliminates emerging threats and determines any need for adjustments.

Prenatal chiropractic care promotes a balanced and flexible pelvis, spine, and hips. The care enables a status of being free from the stress that comes from the nerve. Delivering a healthy baby is the dream of every mother: with this, you ought to be keen on the choice of professional you choose. Chiropractic care goes beyond professional knowledge and having the chiropractic symbol meaning.

Research to get the top-rated chiropractic names for the best services during your pregnancy. Ensure that the professional is suitable to take care of you and your developing baby. Check out the reviews from online platforms to see the kind of services the professional offers to clients.

When it comes to choosing a chiropractor, most people are focused on finding affordable chiropractic services that can effectively treat their conditions. These qualities are natural things to search for, but as a recent incident at a Wisconsin chiropractic clinic demonstrated, patients may need to start considering security as well. The Harel Chiropractic Clinic in Hudson, WI recently notified thousands of patients that their personal information may have been compromised.

Information security has become an increasingly important consideration for many medical professionals, especially given the growing role of technology in the healthcare field. As a result, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, originally enacted in 1996, was updated in 2013, and many clinics and practices have worked to stay in accordance.

Unfortunately, on Monday, January 26, the Harel Chiropractic Clinic announced they had notified 3000 patients that parts of their personal information may have been accessed without their consent. The data at risk included names, addresses, contact information, birth dates, and Social Security and insurance information. However, no credit cards, bank accounts or other financial data was accessed.

According to a press release from Leer Communication and Consultants, a media relations company from Minneapolis, MN, the personal information may have been accessed by a contracted chiropractor and another clinic employee. Both would have had access to the data as part of their normal duties and have since resigned. Leer Communications stated that the incident may have occurred on November 4 and was first discovered on November 20.

The announcement caused a brief stir among many in the chiropractic industry, which is one of many medical fields that has been affected by changing requirements for security and technology. To make matters worse, a former chiropractor in Kansas City, MO, Michael Kelly Miller, plead guilty to Medicare fraud only two days later. Miller has surrendered his chiropractic license and is expected to serve 15 months in federal prison, a decision that has kickstarted a conversation about the responsibilities chiropractors have when it comes to patient data.

Leer Communications stated that the evidence suggests that the information was likely accessed in order to solicit patients. However, they still advised patients to place themselves on fraud alert to ensure their protection.

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