Saturday, February 27

Dior Debuts Innovative Hair Extension Style at Spring 2015 Runway Show

The idea of reinventing the ponytail sounds a bit like reinventing the wheel — after all, why try to change a classic style that always works?

But Dior Haute Couture managed to do just that, when it revealed a major candidate for the reinvented ponytail at its recent Spring 2015 show — and the look that Dior’s models donned has the fashion world ablaze.

According to, Dior stylists Raf Simons and Guido Palau used plastic rings painted with metallic finishes to connect models’ natural hair with a long ponytail of hair extensions.

“There’s a classic Diorness to it, but it’s futuristic and modern,” Palau explained.

Palau told he first added some volume to the models’ hair with mousse before pulling the strands back into a “sort of egg shape” at the crown. He then looped the models’ hair around the metal loop, then attached the long faux tail of extensions to the other side of the loop.

The end result? An innovative, truly unique style that almost looks like an optical illusion. With Dior’s spring collection featuring plenty of color and bold graphics, this sleek, sophisticated ponytail offers the perfect complement.

While the style isn’t really that hard to copy, it’s doubtful that the masses will embrace attaching their hair extensions with a metal ring, reported. That’s not to say that some of Hollywood’s more daring celebrities won’t try out the trend this season, however — we’re looking at Jennifer Lawrence in particular. She is the face of Dior, after all!

“When hair extensions are added to styles like ponytails, bobs, and long and layered styles, it makes the style pop,” said Capri Bougere of Strictly Styles Salon in San Jose, California. “These are all classic styles that can be worn for work and special events. Hair extensions can definitely give you that high-fashion feel with just a little added length or color.”

No matter what you think of Dior’s high-fashion ponytail, one thing is for certain — none of us have ever seen anything like it.

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