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Why You Should Use Bioinsecticide for Fruits

Numerous people haven’t a clue how their fresh produce is grown. They just put some in a baggie and carry it home. Integrated pest management using bioinsecticide for fruits are just words they read in a magazine at the doctor’s office. In fact, those words are vital to the continued longevity of mankind.

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Sound a little dramatic? It is, and in spite of how it sounds, the life of the planet is at stake. Alex Farnham from Dnews in the video tells us why.

What the Birds and the Bees Have to Do With It

Pollen is food for bees and other insects. The yellow stuff that gives us allergies gets on their little feet. Their feet land on our tomatoes, corn, squashes, and so forth. The pollen causes our food plants to grow food.

Birds eat the insects that carry pollen. The birds then fly around and eliminate the insect that ate the pollen. The waste product falls on our tomatoes, beans, Bell peppers, and such. Birds also get pollen from trees and shrubbery they sit in, so that’s an added boost to our foods.

What Pesticides Have to Do With It

Now that you know how important the birds and bees are to our ability to feed ourselves, you need to know how pesticides are killing us all. The video’s Mr. Farnham explains that the chemicals are killing the bees. All of them. No more fruits like tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, cherries, or peaches.

Birds and bees are being killed by the use of neonicotinoid pesticides. Farmers have billions of dollars riding on their crop yields, so whatever gets the job done relatively painlessly is okay by them. Therein lies the rub.

Now you know both sides of the equation. We all have a choice: we can grow our own food pest-free or buy from farmers known to use biopesticides for fruits. By all means, plant enough flowers in your yard to attract the bees we need to keep us alive.


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