Saturday, June 15

Visting a Pediatric Clinic

If your child will be visiting a pediatric clinic soon, you may want to help prepare them so that they aren’t nervous or scared. While some nerves are okay and even normal, a visit to pediatric clinics should never be a negative experience. In this video, you will get to watch a child visit a clinic so that you and your child can know what to expect and help ease the nerves.

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Upon arriving at the clinic, you will first need to check-in. You will likely need to fill out a form and then wait to be seen. Your child can expect to be able to play with some toys in the waiting room. Once called, the first step is usually being weighed. Then your child’s height will be measured, temperature, and blood pressure. Finally, the doctor will come in and talk with you and your child. The experience is straightforward, easy, and nothing to be afraid of.


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