Saturday, July 13

Upgrades Your HVAC Needs

Every household in the United States who desires a comfortable home has interacted with HVAC systems such as furnaces, thermostats, ductwork, heat pumps, and air conditioners. However, when it comes to upgrading your HVAC, Joshua Griffin presents a guide in this YouTube video outlining the five upgrades that every HVAC system in the world should have.

Among one of the items suggested by Joshua is the air cleaner UV light, which helps keep the coils very clean, particularly those with bobs on the return and supply sides. The second item is a whole-house air filter, which may help remove particulates from the air.

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The third is the ionizer, which assists in killing mold. The humidity controller is the fourth component stated, and it helps maintain an optimal amount of humidity. Additionally, Joshua suggests installing a whole-home surge protection system in locations prone to power surges.

When contemplating an upgrade to your HVAC system from your local heating and air contractor, Joshua Griffin recommends that you consider the following five items: air cleaner, UV light, whole-house home filter, ionizer, humidity controller, and surge protection systems.

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