Saturday, June 15

Managed Hosting for WordPress

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Before managed hosting, you needed to invest in a computer to act as a server, get an adequate internet connection, install all the software, and maintain its security. Managed hosting today offers a slew of benefits that make it easier and more cost-effective to host your websites.

Managed hosting today is handled by professionals who set up the hardware, update the software regularly, and maintain security. On WordPress, you get automatically managed updates and backups, better support and setup, user-friendly dashboards, more caching, and heightened security.

This makes your website faster, which impacts your site’s rankings on Google and other search engines. There are faster recoveries from problems and better security, which lends you peace of mind.

However, WordPress managed hosting only hosts WordPress sites. There are some plugins you aren’t allowed and an increased price. However, they have their own plugins and the increased price reflects all of the services you’re getting.

When you need speed, security, and reliability, you need managed hosting. If you’re making money off of your website, invest in it to grow it more. You’ll be able to handle more traffic and reap the financial benefits.

To learn more about WordPress’s managed hosting services, click on the video to the link above.

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