Monday, July 15

ToutApp Adds New Feature to Help Sales Teams Be More Collaborative

Sales is a notoriously tough industry to work in, and those who do are constantly trying new tips and tricks to increase their sales. Though sales is also often based on quotas which can create competition and isolation within a sales team, a new app seeks to create a climate of collaboration to help all members become more successful.

According to online publication Digital Journal, sales platform ToutApp has added a feature called Sales Beat, which essentially functions like a newsfeed, updating an entire team on what their colleagues are doing — and what works.

The ToutApp platform was designed to help salespeople close more deals through analytics, email tracking, and templates. The new feature will also allow a sales team to work collaboratively by sharing best practices, and it delivers information in real time.

“Sales Beat is the new nerve center for the modern collaborative sales team,” explained Tawheed Kader, Founder and CEO of ToutApp. “It delivers real-time insights across the team, right within their existing workflow.”

The feature allows salespeople to see which templates, messaging options, and strategies are the most effective for their colleagues. Additionally, Sales Beat gives managers better access to real-time information on active deals to better help their sales team.

Online marketing publication Venture Beat reports that Sales Beat is set to launch on Mac and Windows computers, and Kader says that the app and Sales Beat will be complemented with social tools soon.

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