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The Basics of How a Roofing System Works

All roofing shares the feature that multiple layers function as a system; each component, from the roof deck on up, helps the structure withstand the weather. Knowing how this system operates can help you have a knowledgeable conversation with a contractor or make purchases to complete your own work. Any roofing system that wants to shed water and withstand wind uplift must have an overlap. The roof deck and the asphalt shingles are fastened together with nails. Strips of factory-applied glue give additional weatherproof protection.

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The shingles are self-sealing because the glue reacts to heat.

Residential roofers are more knowledgeable when it comes to roofs of houses, so if you are building a home, residential roofers are the ones to call. There are also commercial roofers who are experts in industrial construction. Today, only a small number of large construction projects are carried out without the use of power equipment, but if you’re installing a new roof, hand tools will do. A square-nose shovel or a special roofing shovel, as well as a tarp on the ground where you can dump the debris, are additional tools you’ll need if you’re pulling off an existing roof in order to get under and raise shingles. To know more about this topic, watch this video for more information.


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