Saturday, June 15

Print is Far from Dead According to New Magazine from People of Print

The age of printed media may be struggling, as evidenced by the recent shutdown of Venezuela’s oldest newspaper and the closure of the Los Angeles Register after only five months. But according to a new magazine funded by Kickstarter, print is far from over.

PRINT ISN’T DEAD Magazine is a colorful new quarterly publication that features innovative printed designs from all over the world. The project was funded successfully through Kickstarter, surpassing its £4,520 goal with a total of £6,834.

Surprisingly, the magazine was born online. Less surprisingly, the website that publishes the magazine is People of Print, a UK-based site founded by Marcroy Smith to honor the most extraordinary works of printed media across the globe. Given the content, a print magazine is the logical extension of the site’s goals.

“Our proposal for PRINT ISN’T DEAD is to showcase and champion ‘print’ by compiling the ever-growing content from our website, as well as exclusive studio/company visits and interviews, into a beautifully printed collectible publication,” reads the project’s funded Kickstarter page. “With your support in creating PRINT ISN’T DEAD, we are in turn supporting the world of print for the expansive community who appreciate the merit of its craft.”

The magazine also includes articles about both innovative and traditional printing practices, as well as commentary on current cultural trends. It even dedicates a page to the ASPCA featuring the web-famous disabled cat Lil’ Bub. But the real stars of the magazine are the featured print designs, iconic print ads, and spectacular artwork. Not to mention Patrick Savile’s stunning cover, which combines color with text to create a bold statement.

PRINT ISN’T DEAD is printed on high-quality Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper by Pureprint Group and highlights classic, traditional font families with sleek lines, like Roman-family font Archive and classic Reader typeface.

The magazine launched at the London Graphic Centre in August, and it’s a must-have for any print enthusiast. Volume 1 is only £10, and fans will be able to purchase a PRINT ISN’T DEAD book by April 2015.

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