Thursday, May 30

Police Continue To Urge Homeowners to Secure Their Garage Doors And Openers In Light Of Recent Crime Spree

In Phoenix, Arizona, police continue to diligently search for the suspect behind a recent string of residential burglaries.

Three victims have already been identified by investigators after locating an abandoned vehicle loaded with stolen property.

A suspicious vehicle was reported by a resident, who stated the driver might be breaking into other vehicles and into garages.

The suspect fled when officers attempted to stop him. However, police later located the suspect’s vehicle less than 2.5 miles north of where the suspicious activity was first recorded.

Officers found nearly 50 items of stolen property¬†and at least six garage door openers while searching the suspect’s vehicle.Police believe the suspect stole the remotes from unlocked vehicles parked in driveways, using them to gain access to the inside of the garage and steal items.

In light of this, police are strongly urging citizens to secure their garage doors and personal vehicles. “This may just be a good time to warn our citizens, once again, against leaving garage door openers in their cars and in plain view,” Officer James Holmes of the Phoenix Police Department wrote in an email to a local news station.

“Garage doors are effective against garage crimes only if you ensure that the potential criminal does not gain access to your garage door opener,” says Jim Null,¬†Owner of Durbin Garage Doors.¬†“Its important to keep track of your garage door opener to ensure that your opener does not get in the wrong hands, otherwise it’s essentially the same as handing a burglar the keys to your home.”

According to recent studies, it’s estimated that nearly 50% of all residential burglaries can be traced to open or unsecured garage doors. Garage doors act as a first line of defense, which is why it’s imperative for homeowners to utilize their local garage door repair services in order to ensure their garage door is secure and in good working order. This can help to prevent burglary attempts, thereby protecting a homeowner’s family and belongings.

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