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Pier 66 Marina in Ft. Lauderdale Getting New Power Pedestals, Floating Docks and Spaces for Luxurious Super Yachts

Many people enjoy spending time out on the water. Either they can go swimming, or they can buy a boat or yacht. However, you cannot have a water vehicle simply suspended in the middle of the water; you need to have a dock to attach it to. Many people are under the impression that you just need to rent the space from someone else or the city. It is not something that you can purchase for yourself as a separate unit, but something that you have to use that is already there. However, this is not necessarily the case.

In actuality, there are many custom docks that are available for people who want to purchase them. For example, you might be interested in a portable lake dock or a rubber floating dock that you can use on the bay near your home. You can look into sectional dock systems if you feel like you would benefit from one of those. You might wonder where to buy dock floats; the truth is that there are likely many options. It would be a good idea to do research on your own to see what type of dock would be best for you and where you can find it.


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UPDATED 11/2/20

Those in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, who need a place to park their multimillion dollar yachts will be in luck this October.

The Pier 66 Marina is adding 10 new slips for super yachts –any yacht 150 feet or longer — which bringing the total number of these spaces up to 16.

The renovations to the marina are expected to cost millions of dollars, and the owners have spent approximately $15-20 million already.

Pier 66’s first phase of renovations along the Mercedes River has been completed with space for about 25 boats, said Kevin Quirk, vice president of marinas for Pier 66 Marina’s owners LXR Luxury Marinas.

The marina, which features 127 slips, has already seen new foundation walls or bulkheads, new fixed and floating docks and new power pedestals and electrical systems, in addition to other changes.

“An overhaul of this magnitude can only be a great thing for boaters from and visiting Fort Lauderdale,” says the President of Dock Boxes Unlimited. “It’s also sure to provide an attraction to serve alongside the many boating events in and around the area.”

The changes arrive right on time for the 55th Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, which will take place between Oct. 30 and Nov. 3 at the pier and six other local areas.

The boat show, said Quirk, is part of the reason many local marinas need to add space for super yacht and other expensive vessels.

The renovations began last summer, after being placed on hold due to the recession. The marina hasn’t participated in the boat show since 2009.

The marina itself isn’t the only part of the property being revamped. The Pelican Landing restaurant, which operates near the Pier, is receiving a new interior, along with the nearby Panorama ballroom.

The boat show’s producers, Show Management, stated that Pier 66’s upgrades and return to the boat show will draw more visitors to Pelican Landing and the more upscale Grille 66 & Bar.

Pier 66 opened in the late 1950s and served as a fuel dock for Phillips 66 Petroleum Co. Since then it has become something of an icon among marinas.

It has also been home to some famous and extravagant yachts, like the 282-foot, $200 million yacht Seven Seas, owned by Steven Spielberg and seen at Pier 66 last March.

Quirk promises that, for the money, the changes will be worth it: “Everything will be new. It’ll be a brand new facility.”

Even the boats that are used regularly are still docked most of the time. Anyone who has a boat will have a boat at dock or boat in dock for long periods of time. Individuals who are interested in purchasing boats of their own might actually need to have new docks constructed altogether. The existing docks in certain areas might not be enough. 

Finding boat dock building supplies should be relatively easy, even though it is a somewhat niche field. There is still a great deal of demand for many of the components and materials that are used to make docks, as well as the tools that are part of the overall construction process. They may be interested in dock parts for sale. There are lots of new dock parts USA that people can use. 

Floating dock kits for ponds might help some people get started, although constructing something as big as a dock certainly takes time and effort. There are different floating dock solutions available for the experienced individuals who want to begin or complete these projects. Docks have to be maintained carefully, since they’re exposed to a lot of different environmental elements very consistently. When they’re constructed carefully from the beginning, that process is easier. 

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