Saturday, June 22

North Carolina Lottery Winner Spends Millions on Bail For Fiance

A North Carolina woman who won $188 million in the February Powerball lottery likely spent millions of dollars bailing out her fiancé, twice.

The New York Daily News reported that Lamar “Hot Sauce” McDow, who is engaged to lotto winner Marie Holmes, has been released on bond from prison two times this year. McDow as arrested in November of 2014 for charges of trafficking heroin, which posted a $3 million bail. He was then sent back to jail in July on similar charges, with an escalated bail of $6 million.

While Brunswick County Police have not released the name of the individual responsible for paying McDow’s bail, it is likely that Holmes fronted the bill for her fiancé’s wrongdoings.

These incidents were not the first crimes committed by McDow, who has a long criminal history. His criminal record includes drug possession, intention to sell drugs, and even assault on a woman.

Instead of receiving her lottery winnings in multiple payments, Holmes decided to take the money in the form of an $88 million lump sum.

Holmes says she intends to use the rest of the winnings to help her finish college, as well as make a college fund for each of her 4 children.

”This is all for them. All the struggle I ever went through, it’s all for them,” said Holmes.

Before winning the lottery, Holmes was forced to quit her jobs at Wal-Mart and McDonald’s in order to take care of her children full-time after learning of her son’s cerebral palsy. “Money doesn’t change it, but money’s going to help me,” she said of her winnings.

Holmes has also said she plans to give some of the winnings to her church, as well make a donation to cerebral palsy organizations.

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