Friday, June 21

Lettuce Shipment Reveals 260 Pounds Of Smuggled Marijuana

Some arrests that happen are entertaining to think about when considering the question how did they get there? Imagining the planning — or lack thereof — process that went into felonious acts that were promptly foiled by the iron gauntlet of the law only causes one to wonder. There are more than 1.3 million lawyers in the United States, but these guys are going to have a real tough time defending this stunt in court.

Driving a tractor-trailer on a route from Colorado to Florida, Jorge Blanco-Diaz and Adan Labanino Delacruz were certain of their plan. They were just driving a massive shipment of lettuce. Nothing of import, nothing extraordinary, nothing to see here. However, there was more to this shipment than met the eye. Tucked away within the truck full of greens, the devil’s lettuce was neatly hidden. A whole bunch of it.

At a routine truck inspection during the route, officials found 260 pounds of marijuana stowed in the lettuce shipment.

“A search of the trailer yielded 260 pounds of hydroponic marijuana concealed within the legitimate load of fresh lettuce,” police said.

People decide on your level of trustworthiness in a tenth of a second or less, but after this discovery was made, Delacruz and Blanco-Diaz definitely had some explaining to do. The quantity of marijuana listed a street value of approximately $1 million, so playing ignorant was obviously out of the cards.

You’d think that, as commercial truckers, they would’ve been aware of the normalcy and regularity of truck inspections. Shortly after 7:30 AM, both drivers didn’t make it through that inspection. Their haul was seized and they were both arrested and charged with felony marijuana dealing.

Criminal creativity is always fun to read about, though we’re willing to wager that both Florida men are regretting their haul of hash at the moment. As long as people want to smuggle drugs from point A to point B, the efforts put in will always be great. Merely months ago, marijuana, cocaine, and cash were found smuggled in hollow World Cup replica trophies. Those people were caught and arrested, too. The examples are endless.

Drug smuggling in shipments of food is one of the most classic avenues to take. With marijuana hidden in lettuce, there’s a bit of underlying humor poking fun at green hidden in greens. However humorous that may seem, our two marijuana mavericks are going to have some hefty issues to answer for.

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