Monday, July 15

Landscape Industry Relying Much More On Technology

Technology is revolutionizing the landscaping industry on numerous fronts.

Across the country, homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve their properties. Landscaping projects are popular not only because they can increase a home’s resale value by roughly 14%, but because they can truly transform the look and feel of a property. While this industry has been around for millennia in one form or another, thanks to some innovative thinkers, landscaping is now much more dependent on technology.

According to Lawn and Landscape, Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) technology — drones — are providing landscaping companies, homeowners, and individual contractors with high-tech aerial views of any kind of property.

“Drone technology is going to change landscape architecture as much as anything since [computer aided drawing or CAD],” said Wendy Booth, the president of Ivy Street Design.

Those in the landscaping industry are just now starting to see how drones can assist them in terms of aerial surveys, land measurements, and irrigation monitoring. As more and more companies and individuals notice how beneficial these devices can be for the landscaping industry, these technological devices will likely become necessary tools.

“We believe that drone survey is going to provide valuable information that would not be available through boots-on-the-ground surveying, and at a substantially lower price,” added Booth.

Of course, drones aren’t just taking over the landscaping design industry; according to Colin Guinn of 3-D Robotics, drones are also helping engineers and architects transform their trade as well. Thanks in part to these new applications, Federal Aviation Administration data shows that drone sales are expected to rise from 2.5 million sales last year to more than 7 million per year by 2020.

However, in addition to drone technology, there are a handful of new smartphones that are lending a virtual hand across the landscaping marketplace as well.

Total Landscape Care recently showcased the five best smartphones for landscaping projects. Here are a few of the standouts:

  1. Apple iPhone X — Though this phone isn’t all that durable, it’s equipped with a truly remarkable camera.
  2. Cat S41 — Cat’s best smartphone to date has a fantastic battery life and is great against water and dust. This phone is also rated a Military Standard 810G for withstanding falls from heights up to six feet.
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8 Active — With a textured plastic wrapped and metal outer band, this phone is extremely durable and great for any landscaping project. It’s commonly used in the construction and landscaping industry and has an amazing screen.

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