Thursday, February 29

How Trash and Recycling Service Works

Each week, a trash and recycling service probably comes to your house to remove the waste from your property. It’s a convenient service we don’t think much about, but have you ever wondered where the waste goes after it’s been picked up? In this video, you’ll learn all about what happens at the sorting and recycling facility so you can see just what happens to the trash that you’re so used to conveniently disappearing.

After your trash is picked up, it heads to the sorting and recycling facility. The garbage trucks will unload everything their carrying, and then the waste gets placed into a machine that spreads the waste onto a conveyer belt where it will arrive at a sorting station.

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It is then up to workers to remove anything that can’t be recycled, and the sorting will take place during this step as well. Each of the different types of recyclables, paper, glass, tin, and others get treated in different ways. Then each type gets sent to their respective recycling center to be reused!


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