Saturday, July 13

How Much Should You Budget for Trash Removal Services?

How much trash removal services charge depends on the kind of trash to be removed, its quantity, and its location. This video goes over the costs involved in trash removal. Solid waste removal would cost an average of $160; hazardous waste around $50 to $100; and composting an average of $100. Homeowners with junk they need to dispose of can send a junk removal service a photo of what they want to throw away to receive a price estimate.

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Getting rid of major appliances costs about $100, large furniture $80, and $130 for outdoor hot tubs. According to Home Advisor, junk removal costs an average of $234. Trash removal services can charge $10 to $40 a month or $140 to $250 per year, which may be cheaper than the city or county’s collection service. It should be noted that most junk removal services do not deal with chemical or other hazardous products. Instead, the local garbage or waste collection company deals with those. Hazardous waste materials include latex paint, freon, and fluorescent light bulbs, as they contain mercury. Homeowners with recyclable items can rely on junk removal companies or acquire the services of a free hauling company.


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