Friday, June 21

How Do Diamonds Stay in Place in Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds are precious gems with high price tags. This doesn’t stop people from wearing diamonds set in gold, platinum, or silver jewelry, though. Jewelers specialize in creating wearable metal and gem accessories where the gems are set securely enough for daily use.

If you have ever wondered how diamonds stay in place in diamond jewelry, the video posted on this page can teach you everything you want to know about how jewelers set gems. In the video, the jeweler sets diamonds into a custom jewelry piece designed to look like the word “LOVE.

Video Source

First, he creates the base for the jewelry out of metal. Then he drills out holes in the metal that are the perfect size for the diamonds. He works precisely, so he doesn’t need to use glue to hold the diamonds in place. He uses splitters between each of the diamonds, which are thin strips of metal. He carefully pushes them over the top edges of the diamonds.

The diamonds are secured in the diamond jewelry by friction and the rims created by the splitters. With both of these methods combined, they are exceptionally secure without the need for any kind of adhesive that could fail over time.

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