Thursday, June 13

Is It Safe to Charge Your Electric Vehicle in the Rain?

If you are looking to buy your own electric vehicle, but don’t know when the best is for charging an electric vehicle, we’re here to help! If you already own an electric vehicle, you might be worried about when the safest time to charge your car are, especially if you’re experiencing the first rain since buying your car. In this video, an EV expert answers the question: “Is it safe to charge my electric car in the rain?” The simple answer is yes! He describes that electric vehicle chargers are tested in ocean certified laboratories. They must meet safety standards before you get a chance to charge your car at your local EV stations. These safety protocols guarantee that it is safe to charge your electric vehicle in any weather condition.

Video Source

Watch the video to see this EV expert charge his own car at one of his local vehicle charging stations in the rain. You can see that it is perfectly safe and it will not harm you or your car. So, if you are worried you are going to harm yourself when charging an electric vehicle in any type of rainfall, you don’t have to be worried. You and your car will be safe, so if you have to charge your car immediately, but you’re in the middle of a rain storm, charge your car without worries!


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