Saturday, July 13

Facebook advertisers take advantage of new technique

Advertisers on Facebook can now take advantage of a new technique to better reach consumers on the social media site.

According to a July 18 article, sequential mobile advertising, a quickly-emerging video advertising method, allows the marketer to put targeted video advertisements in front of a user after he or she clicks on an ad from a mobile device. Marketers are then able to follow up with other advertisements, which are chosen based on a user’s clicking habits, on other devices. reports that this makes marketers able to create a sequence of targeted video ads for users to view, effectively building a sales pitch with this sequence of videos — starting with the “pitch” and ending with the “sell.”

To target video advertisements, marketers are able to take advantage of Facebook’s vast analytics that can track a user’s interests and tastes as well as location, age and other demographic information, reports. And since Facebook boasts about 1.2 million users, many advertisers are jumping at the chance to offer sequential, targeted video advertisements.

“The writing is on the wall. Sequentially targeted ads are hugely efficient and ultimately cost effective. They have greater relevance for advertisers and better targeting,” a source who is privy to Facebook’s mobile advertising tactics told

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