Wednesday, June 12

Everything You Need to Know About An Explosion Proof Camera

If you work in the chemical or coal industry, you have probably heard of an explosion proof camera. But what is it? How does it work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about an explosion proof camera.

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Many industrial or research departments in petroleum, chemical, coal, scientific research, military, and other industries often leak and spill a variety of flammable and explosive materials during the various processes of an experiment, production, processing, transportation, and storage.

Gas, liquid, various dust, and fiber are substances that when mixed with the air, it will become a mixture that is prone to explosion hazards. The places around it will also become explosion-hazard places of varying degrees.

There are two main classifications of explosion proof cameras. The first is the flameproof type which is the most popular type of explosion proof camera as it prevents the spread of the explosion to the around the environment. The second type is intrinsically safe types. This type does not produce electric sparks, arcs, or high temperatures during the normal operation as to avoid detonation of explosion materials.

To learn more about explosion proof cameras, watch the video above!


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