Monday, July 15

Designers Say Feathers Are Becoming a Popular Decorating Trend

Interior decorating is a field in which both professional designers and homeowners can let their imaginations take flight. By taking cues from classic architecture, couture, art, and more, it is possible to incorporate one’s personal style into everything from the furniture to bay window treatments. Recently, however, designers have noticed decorating trends focusing on one thing in particular: feathers.

Feathers are known for their natural beauty and wide variety, making them a quirky but appealing home decorating choice. The trend began appearing in fashion and home design in the fall, but is now shaping a number of spring collections as well.

“In recent years, we’ve seen a big resurgence of nature influencing design, feathers definitely being part of it,” Christina McCombs, an interior designer in Florida, told the Associated Press. “Feathers symbolize new beginnings and lightness, making them a perfect addition to decor for the new year.”

Examples proving this statement are everywhere: Anthropologie is currently selling a chandelier made of welded brass feathers, as well as a shower current printed with falling quills. Likewise, Jayson Home has a series of feather photographs printed on homemade paper, a colorful tray with decoupaged feathers, and pillows decorated with actual rooster feathers.

Some of the boldest and most interesting uses of this trend are found in window treatments and wall coverings: designer Mary McDonald, for instance, created a collection for interior decorating company F. Schumacher and Co. characterized by prints of birds and feathery patterns inspired by Florentine marbled paper. Similarly, artist John Nolan designed peacock-themed window curtains for DiaNoche Designs, a home decor company. Meanwhile, removable wallpaper manufacturer Tempaper is offering two prints that feature feathers, one in silver and one in gold.

“Feathers or feather patterns on drapes or curtains can add a great, unique texture to any living space without completely overwhelming a room — as patterns such as chevron might,” said Michael Iannone, President of Window Trends NJ “We are expecting to see this trend become very popular this year as these prints can often match any wall color or room theme.”

For those interested in trying out the trend, McCombs suggests incorporating feathers into their wall art with photographs, paintings and other decorations. But while this use is easy to find and incorporate, it is far from the only way feathers can be used in your home decor. How will you use this trend to help your home soar?

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