Monday, July 15

Could Frozen Collagen Meat Popsicles be the Newest Beauty Secret?

A cool summer treat that can help your skin look younger sounds like a dream come true, but when you find out it’s a frozen collagen meat popsicle, does that still sound appealing?

Tokyo eatery Zenyaren has begun serving a line of frozen collagen meat pops, and they are all the rage in Japan.

Chefs prepare traditional skewers of chicken, known as yakitori, but then slowly freeze them in collagen blocks so they keep their freshly barbecued taste. The resulting treat can be licked or crunched, just like a popsicle.

Collagen is the most prevalent protein in the human body, and is responsible for our skin’s strength and elasticity. But as we age, collagen production slows down, and the preexisting collagen is absorbed into the skin, resulting in fine lines and wrinkles, and sagging skin.

There are many collagen products on the market now, as people are desperate to fight the signs of aging. Collagen creams are quite common, as well as collagen supplements. the popularity of collagen products is so that companies are developing even more outlandish ideas, like collagen drinks and collagen marshmallows.

Tokyo skin expert Tatsuto Tamura says, “People here seek out collagen-enriched foods such as chicken, pigs’ feet, or shark fin because they believe it will help their skin.”

The bad news is, according to British skin experts, eating collagen does not benefit the skin in any way.

Paul Banwell, FRCS from The Banwell Clinic, says, “These collagen popsicles sound like a fun idea but unfortunately there is little scientific evidence to support their effectiveness.”

He continues, “There are a myriad of more effective aesthetic facial treatments available froom skilled surgeons and doctors and I would urge the public to seek tried and trusted methods of rejuvenation.”

“Animal based collagen is dead and therefore is not able to stimulate natural growth of collagen in human epidermis,” says Jacqui Dunal of Natural Collagen. “There is only one type of collagen scientifically proven where well over 10 years of research has been done and documented on the biologically active fish-derived collagen that perfectly interacts with the human body.”

But Japanese patrons don’t need proof to enjoy their new collagen popsicles. Owners of the Zenyaren restaurant say that the frozen treats have been massively popular during Japan’s summer heatwave.

Regular Koma Izuma, 47, says, “It is delicious especially when you are trying to keep cool on a hot day. Refreshing and nutritious at the same time — and great for your complexion.”

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