Monday, July 15

Is Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk a Scam?

Dutch Glow is the newest “As Seen on TV” hit, offering what promoters call “a pure and simple furniture polish from a pure and simple people.” But does this miracle “Amish Wood Milk” really perform as advertised? The infomercials are tantalizing, showing intrepid cleaners spritzing Dutch Glow on wooden furniture and removing years of wax buildup and residue with one swipe of a soft cloth. And the results really do glow on TV, especially when you consider that the product is priced at about $10. Woods look brighter, warmer, and cleaner in seconds.But does Dutch Glow really bring your furniture back to life? And what exactly is “Amish Wood Milk?”No one seems to know. Ingredients aren’t listed on the website, and through promoters shill a “100 year formula,” there’s no definitive connection to the Amish, a religious group well known for their quality wood furniture. Even Connie Thompson, who tested the product for Komo4News, couldn’t find information on the product’s origins.

Thompson’s own test showed mixed results. The product required multiple applications and a lot of scrubbing to work, and while the results were pleasant, they weren’t nearly as dramatic as the results in the commercials. John German, who owned the furniture, seemed pleased enough with the results, and even joked about using the rest of the bottle.

“It takes off that wax,” he said. “Can we do the rest of the wood in the house? I mean, we have a whole bottle! Can’t we just keep on going?”

Online reviewers aren’t so satisfied. While there’s a scattering of five-star reviews on various rating sites, most reviews are in the 1 to 3 star range. Complaints range from broken sprayers to false claims, but the prevailing opinion seems to be that results from cheap furniture polishes are just as good, if not better.

Product review website says the problem has a lot to do with high expectations for a product that isn’t as magic as it’s advertized to be.

“Readers have given Dutch Glow 1.5 stars, but the vast majority of them are frustrated with the customer service, extremely high shipping charges, and absurd refund policies,” their review read. “If Dutch Glow was being evaluated on the product alone, we would say it deserves at least 2.5 stars if not 3.”

For users determined to try Dutch Glow, most sources say it’s best to pick up a bottle from Bed Bath and Beyond to avoid shipping headaches. For skeptics, you’re probably just fine with your supermarket furniture polish.

“Well known polishes for wood furniture are best recommended with wood furniture care,” says Mike McCort, Owner of Amish Mike.“Guardsmen has been around for years and is a good name – I have heard many great things about it and everyone who uses it says it works very well in maintaining the furniture.”

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